To contribute to opensteem visit our github
Edit me

Because OpenSteem is an open standard anyone can submit changes by creating a pull request on our Github repo or by clicking on the Edit me button on any page. If you are interested in becoming a long-term contributor contact @thekyle to have your Github account added to the project.

Getting Started uses this Jekyll Documentation Theme, which you may want to read the documentation for if you are unfamiliar with Jekyll. To contribute changes you may either clone our github repo using: git clone or fork it using the tools available through the Github GUI. After you’ve made changes to the standard submit a pull request with details about what you’ve changed.

Additional Notes

  • If creating a new page make sure to add it to the sidebar in _data/sidebars/opensteem_sidebar.yml
  • Make sure you’ve created the page with the proper metadata
  • Make sure your changes don’t break the search.